Bermuda Tourism Authority


In 2015, the island of Bermuda realized their value proposition was unclear. They had fallen off the radar and were no longer a part of the conversation. Working closely with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, it quickly became MMGY Global’s mission to find out why and to do something about it.


MMGY Global’s HEMISPHERESTM branding process helped uncover key insights about the brand. As part of the process, we talked to nearly 100 key stakeholders on the island to truly understand what makes Bermuda unique and to find a positioning they could own. Coupling the branding process with proprietary research, we then developed a refreshed positioning statement, brand architecture and brand anthem for the island of Bermuda.

The result was new brand messaging that embraces Bermuda’s mysterious allure, utilizing the concept of “Out Here” to help travelers connect to Bermuda’s amazing mix of people, cultures, and one-of-a-kind mystique.

Offline Media

Bermuda’s new brand was introduced in television spots during the Oscars® as well as through print advertisements in various publications, including USA TODAY, AFAR, Travel + Leisure and The New York Times.

Digital Media

MMGY Global also created and coordinated integrated digital marketing efforts, including display, video and social. Consumers were targeted by their geography, demographics and interests and beyond to minimize wasted impressions. The objective of Bermuda’s digital media plan is two-fold: drive traffic to the website ( and generate brand engagements. As of July 2016, MMGY Global was able to garner more than 547,000 website visits and 6 million engagements YTD – 146% of Bermuda’s annual engagement goal.


Through various social media channels, MMGY Global created motivating and innovative content for users to explore the brand website and book their next getaway to Bermuda. Urgency and promotional offers drove the messaging behind these pieces, with utilization of co-op material as well. Optimization of each channel allows us to hone in on the right target at the right time with these promotions.


The new brand speaks to thrill-seekers, explorers, romantics and originals. After all, Bermuda is set apart by its location and way of life. It’s where people, cultures and one-of-a-kind mystique swirl together, connecting visitors to a place far from everyday life.  

MMGY Global reintroduced Bermuda just after the new year, and since campaign launch, Bermuda has seen increasingly positive results in terms of air vacation and leisure travel with an increase of 10% from 2015. Uniquely, air visitors from the U.S. specifically have increased 15.5% from 2015.* Tourism officials in Bermuda have noted a 76% increase in visitor growth in travelers under 45 years old during the first half of 2016.

MMGY Global focused on efforts to draw in a younger demographic and have seen an increase in visitation in the 18–24 segment (21%), 25–34 segment (22.3%) and 35–44 segment (14.2%) while also seeing moderate growth in our traditional audiences.

Online video has proven to be a strong channel for Bermuda, with nearly 5 million completed video views YTD and more than 20,000 hours of consumers watching their content. MMGY Global is able to uniquely target individuals based on their offline television viewing habits (such as those who are frequent Travel Channel viewers) using third-party data.

Our social efforts have paid off as well, increasing success of CTR to .48% in Q2, compared to the industry standard of .05–.15%. We have also garnered 2,981,115 engagements in this same quarter alone.

*Results based on reports from Immigration Landing Cards and H.M. Customs

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