Portrait of American Travelers®

Now in its 27th year, the MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers® is the most insightful and actionable survey of the emerging vacation habits, preferences and intentions of Americans. The study includes more than 400 variables, with the data provided on every variable for all travelers by generation and by income group. By purchasing a subscription to this year's study, you will receive all data tables plus five research publications derived from this data that analyze major insights impacting the travel industry.

MMGY Global 2016-2017 Portrait of American Travelers®
MMGY Global

MMGY Global 2016-2017 Portrait of American Travelers®



For more information about these research programs, to order a report or to commission a custom study relevant to your specific destination or business, please contact us at research@mmgyglobal.com.

About The Portrait

In years past, MMGY Global has published the Portrait of American Travelers® as a single research book full of facts and figures. For 2016–2017, instead of receiving a dense research publication, Portrait subscribers will receive a series of five informative marketing reports, each one analyzing an important trend revealed in the data. These reports will interpret the raw data, identify valuable marketing insights and translate the strategic implications as determined by MMGY Global’s senior leadership team. Specifically, subscribers will receive:

  • Chapter 1: Executive Summary: The initial report will focus on the highlights of this year’s research and touch on topics to be explored in richer detail in future reports. How are travelers inspired to vacation? What are the key trends driving travelers’ decisions in the year ahead? In addition to report narrative, subscribers will receive a comprehensive set of data tables with this first report, including every variable in the survey reported by travelers over the past four years. This data will be presented in tabular form, with significance testing included. Now Available
  • Chapter 2: Booking Now: This paper will examine current trends and preferences in booking travel, including the changing roles of OTAs and travel service provider websites, as well as the strengthening of the traditional travel agent market. Now Available
  • Chapter 3: Sharing Economy: Travelers who use the sharing economy, both for accommodations and ride-sharing, are a unique target. This paper focuses on these travelers, as well as the implications of the sharing economy on destinations. Now Available
  • Chapter 4: Gaming & Vacations: In an increasingly competitive leisure travel market, casinos need to prepare for a Millennial-driven market. This paper will provide insights and delve into how casinos can evolve into an even more appealing future. Now Available
  • Chapter 5: Destinations: Only 39 percent of American travelers' vacations are to new destinations – the majority are to places they've visited previously. This report will focus on what travelers are looking for when picking new destinations, how to reach them and how first-time destinations can get on travelers’ repeat vacation lists. Now Available

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