Travel Consul: The Rise of User-Generated Content

Monday, July 24, 2017 Chris Pomeroy

The exponential rise of social sharing has changed the entire landscape as we increasingly look to our family and friends for advice, validation and recognition. In a world where cataloguing our lives has become the norm, there is an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to access the huge amount of user-generated content (UGC) and utilize this to harness the brand story in an authentic and personal way. 

By definition, UGC includes any story or piece of content created by a person about a brand that they share with their networks. This not only includes all social media content, but can also include product reviews, videos, personal blogs and any other type of online comment from consumers, so it can work effectively to turn marketing messages into brand experiences. UGC is increasingly becoming an essential ingredient of all integrated content marketing strategies, because when done successfully it builds passionate communities to help spread the word. 

New on the blog, Lucy Campbell of Travel Consul partner agency Hills Balfour speaks to the rise of UGC and how marketers can capitalize on this trend. 

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