That's How We Do Kansas City

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 Rick Dunn

Right now, Kansas City is experiencing unprecedented, unparalleled momentum. The barbecue, as always, is great. People are nice. Sports teams are doing things. The food and beer scene, fashion scene, entrepreneurial scene, art scene – all top-notch and garnishing more and more national acclaim. But, it’s not this stuff that makes Kansas City the best city in the country (in our humble opinion). It’s not what we do that makes us different. It’s how we do it. 

With that simple premise, “That’s How We Do Kansas City” was born. The campaign illustrates what all Kansas Citians know to be true. We do things the right way. We make things from scratch for the benefit of all. In huge numbers, we rally together and support each other. We welcome visitors as if they’re one of us. We appreciate the things we have, but never settle. For these and thousands of other reasons, it’s time we unapologetically and loudly let people know if they value authentic experiences, and getting deep into those experiences, Kansas City is the place.

That’s How We Do Kansas City was first introduced locally at Visit KC’s Annual Meeting, where our own Clayton Reid spoke about the Millennial traveler’s influence and how Kansas City is uniquely positioned to attract this segment well into the future. After the meeting, the campaign was launched with an anthem placed on Facebook. TV, print and digital advertising followed in key regional feeder markets and an activation followed in Chicago pitting the Windy City vs. The City of Fountains. 

At MMGY, we work with destinations all over the globe. Working with our hometown, however, is an entirely different experience. Our goal isn’t to just attract travelers, but it’s for our neighbors, friends and family to feel like we’ve done this town justice. While we can’t speak to the latter, the campaign is making a difference. Looking at YOY metrics, we’ve seen an uptick in engaged traffic on the website with a 168% increase in average session duration. 

Celebrate the successes, but always keep pushing. That’s How We Do Kansas City. 

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