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"Millennials" is a term for humans born between 1980 – 2000

6 IN 10

Would rather spend their money on experiences than material things.


Took at least one vacation within 50 miles of their home.

One-third indicated their choice was fueled by the desire to save money to take a more substantial vacation during the year ahead


Are planning to take more overnight trips for leisure purposes in the year ahead.


Millennials took 4.6 overnight trips on average last year.

(versus an average of 4.2 trips for all U.S. households with an annual income over $50,000)


Millennials are expected to spend incrementally more on travel services than any other age cohort during the next 12 months.


Millennials will be the driving force behind the continued recovery of the U.S. travel industry.

According to the results of the newly released 2014 Portrait of American Travelers®, an annual survey of the travel habits, preferences and intentions of Americans